On My Research


Like many in this program, I work in a specialized lab working on a specialized topic that even I knew nothing about before starting this internship (to say nothing of my fellow interns). Having been asked to explain the topic multiple times, I wrote a relatively short and understandable blog post on the topic, which I will only link to rather than copying the whole thing here. The work is about as research-y as it gets, dealing with exciting new ideas that are far from practical application but high in potential. It is also very different from my past work in robotics, which has made the internship so both more challenging and fulfilling.

Infromal talks with Ben was seemingly what led to the idea of a public tour of his lab past Friday, and I look forward to any more such tours or talks about the work of other interns here. One of the benefits of a program such as this is gaining exposure to such new concepts as the memristor, and I hope to be exposed to even more novel concepts completely outside my expertise in the next few months.

Andrey Kurenkov, Georgia Institute of Technology
Microelectronic Systems Lab, EPFL

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