CHolocate and CHeese ♕

Zermatt Hike with 4-Legged Friends

Zermatt Hike with 4-Legged Friends

The CAVE 3D video game!

The CAVE 3D video game!

After searching and taste-testing dozens of the Swiss chocolates, I have finally found the one. It’s Frey’s Supreme Vanille Bourbon (dark chocolate) found exclusively at the Migros grocery store, one of which is conveniently located underneath my EPFL flat. I must say the journey to this chocolate was not an easy one. It included scenic weekend trips on the GoldenPass Train to Gruyères, a chocolate tasting room, castle hikes in Ticino, a visit to the reflective lakes at Zermatt, and picnics by Lake Geneva. If it wasn’t for the help of my roommates that attend EPFL as students I would probably still be searching.

For a less dramatic taste, but equally engaging piece of Switzerland, I’ll share a little about my EPFL Internship program experience. I’ve learned more here in my month and a half so far than I learn in months of classes. There’s the additional benefit of flexible scheduling and getting to visit the gorgeous Swiss country with a group of new friends from the program. My favorite experience so far would be travelling with Ben and Kate to Ticino (the Italian region). We discussed a range of topics (including chocolate), hiked (a lot), and ate delicious Italian food. This chance to work in Switzerland is unique and made for the adventurous, bold, and academic student.


Morgan Jackson, Georgia Institute of Technology
Laboratory of Movement Analysis and Measurement, Immersive Integration Group, EPFL

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