Weekly Lab Tours

The EPFL research internship places students in a unique setting, where the departments are extraordinarily interdisciplinary. When I first arrived, I began touring labs on my own, eager to find out more about ongoing work at EPFL. However, after conversations with other students, I realized that they too were interested in pushing the boundaries of their current knowledge. This curiosity is a characteristic of the group that I deeply respect, and in retrospect it could almost be predicted from people who are willing to uproot and relocate overseas for an entire summer.

From these experiences, I proposed a series of lab tours. Each week, a student leads his/her peers through an overview of ongoing work, giving the rest of us a chance to see what is going on outside the walls of our own labs. I am happy that people were receptive to these tours, because it exposes everyone to new information, inspiration, and ideas. On the flip side, it’s also a fantastic opportunity for the presenters to further develop their speaking skills and obtain a holistic picture of their lab. For me, it’s wonderful to see how diverse my cohort’s interests are, and to be able to learn about topics that I otherwise would not have a connection to.

Below are some pictures from when Manan, Jessica, and I presented the Reconfigurable Robotics Lab:


Jessica, describing how pneumatic actuators behave.


Manan, explaining his work on the rat exoskeleton.


Ben, presenting an overview of the lab.

Benjamin Shih, Carnegie Mellon University
Reconfigurable Robotics Lab, EPFL

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