Sending postcards to the world

Well, before we get into academic topics…

10434317_10203608650249223_6341609133012829245_nI’m always a big fan of postcards. I send several of them to my close friends and family members each time I arrive at a new place. Because I’m staying at this gorgeous country for 3 months, I decided to write more this time to a wider audiences. For the past 6 weeks, I’ve travelled all around Switzerland and collected many postcards with beautiful photography on them. Also, collecting others’ addresses is enjoyable. I believe this is a good way to share my research internship & travelling experience, bonding with friends, and of course showing them how amazing this country looks like.

Here are some practical information that I found useful for those who have the same habit. Generally, a postcard in Switzerland costs around 1.2 CHF, and the postage for international is 1.9 CHF. It’s kinda expensive (as always) compare with other countries around here. For example, the postcard itself costs around 0.5 Euros in France, Italy and Germany. And in those countries the international postages are 0.98, 0.85 and 0.75 Euros, respectively. Therefore it’s a good idea sending a big amount of your best wishes during your trip in those countries 🙂

(important update: as I travelled to Italy, I realized that the price for the stamp is in fact 2 euros, even more expensive than here in Switzerland)

Jiayuan Chen, Georgia Institute of Technology
Telecommunications Circuits Lab, EPFL

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