The Excellence Research Internship Program (ERIP) at EPFL for Talented Students from Internationally Acclaimed Universities.

This is the blog of the Excellence Research Internship Program at EPFL where interested students can read about the experience of current selected interns taking part in the program.

About the Program

EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne aims to attract students to Switzerland, to the heart of Europe where internationally recognized Professors strive for excellence in research and education.

In this context, EPFL has inaugurated in 2014 a highly attractive internship scheme for talented students currently enrolled at internationally acclaimed universities. For the first time, a flexible format is offered which enables students to choose their research laboratory. Selected students obtain a prestigious Scholarship of Excellence which enables them to cover the main costs of living.

Students interested in a semester exchange program, can consider starting or ending with semester studies in one of the specialisations at EPFL before or after having undertaken a research internship program. To do so, students should contact the program coordinator as soon as possible.

International students enjoy speaking English on campus and in the laboratories whilst French is the official spoken language in this part of Switzerland. English is also widely spoken in Switzerland.

You will find all information about the program including the annual deadlines for application etc. on the official webpage: Excellence Research Interships Program

Please check out first here if you are eligible: Eligibility and application

For students from other universities, there is also the possibility to directly contact a Professor asking for an internship.

For more information, please write to: erip.internship@epfl.ch

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